It’s the 21st century, the century of progress and movement in everything, the newest smartphones, manned drones, Tesla electric cars, trips to Mars with the famous genius Ilon Mask, and everything seems to be fine, but no matter what century or year, day or month it is, there are always lovers who want to deceive you and get rich at your expense.

SCAM is a type of online fraud aimed at getting hold of your money or information.

The scam is divided into these two basic types:

The first and the most dangerous are investment projects in which you are offered to invest money promising to become a second Rockefeller.

Such projects can be connected with different kinds of activity, though the purchase of cryptocurrencies at least the purchase of virtual hens laying golden eggs, maybe they are golden, but not for you. The main idea — the more you as a client will invest, the more you will earn. Kinds of investment projects:


Projects that, through active and aggressive advertising, create a flow of investors and promise them huge profits. Such projects live no longer than a week, after which they disappear with the money.

Medium SCAM

Projects that gradually gain momentum by paying their share for some time.
By using investments of other investors, and when the flow of new investments decreases, the project is closed. Medium-term SCAM — can exist in a few months and have an average profit level.

Prolonged SCAM

In the beginning, they regularly pay a small portion of the profit to investors, creating the appearance of profit and stability for further deception.
When the level of income changes in the wrong direction — close the project.

2. SCAM as a method of capturing personal information

In addition to SCAM projects, there are also SCAM links, which are full on the Internet, by clicking on which you can easily lose personal information about your accounts and bank cards. If you are a fan of computer games and are familiar with the Steam platform, then you can also lose a good amount of money and lose your items in the exchange.

Recently, SCAM has started to keep up with the progress and now by clicking on this link you can get a new friend on your Windows/Linux/Mac OS as a virus.

The most popular viruses

Trojan Keylogger is a type of malware that is hidden and most importantly does not need user permissions to start working. The danger of this software is that it monitors all keystrokes on your keyboard as well as a screenshot, understanding when to write down your login and password and send it to the creator.

Trojan-Banker is a Trojan program that specializes only in stealing your PIN and CVV codes.

Trojan Spam is a Trojan program the purpose of which is simply to capture and save addresses of mailboxes which in the future will be used for spam.

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